one of one

For a while, we've been passionate about giving vintage ceramics & glassware a second life in the form of candles. We've spent 12 months curating pieces to become a part of our one-of-one program.

Each candle is hand poured in Los Angeles, CA. with our signature fragrances, Seabird and Orchard.

Here are a few notes about this program:


Western Disco has two signature scents: Seabird and Orchard.

Seabird is inspired by 1960s-70s homes on the cliff sides in Northern California. It is designed to capture the mixing of heavy wood (oak, cedar, and amber) with the breeze of the ocean.

Orchard is a bright fragrance rooted in freshness. Notes of yuzu, orange blossom, and linen capture the seasonality of fresh produce.

If Seabird is a crisp fall evening, Orchard is a bright spring morning.


Our first one-of-one candles will be available on 8.4.23.

From that point forward, candles will be released every two weeks, on Friday morning.

Wax & Oil

Our candles are hand-poured in Los Angeles, CA.

All of our candles utilize 100% coconut wax, which is paraben-free, vegan, and non-GMO.

All fragrance oils used are free of chemicals such as phthalates, benzene derivatives, lyral/lilal, and more. (Some brands use these to extend burn time or strength.)


Many of these vessels can be refilled once burning is complete. We do not yet have the capabilities to offer refills outside of Los Angeles, but if you are local or would like to ship your vessel back to us, we often can refill it with the fragrance of your choice.

To ask about your specific candle, please reach out via Instagram or our website.


If you are local to Los Angeles, we highly suggest you select local delivery at checkout.

Some candles are only made available for local delivery. If you are outside of Los Angeles and interested in one of these candles, please reach out to us. We are happy to discuss options.


If you are looking for a specific candle, whether it's something sentimental or a piece for your home, we can try to source it for you.

Please reach out to us via our Instagram if you're looking for something specific, and we can work together to make it happen.

This is one of our favorite parts of the process, and has made for some amazing gifts and shared moments.