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Western Disco

Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man

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Vintage ceramic gingerbread man.

30+ oz candle.

Fragrance: Orchard

Notes of yuzu, linen, and orange blossom.

Please read 'Important Notes' section below before purchasing.

Important Notes

Thank you for your interest in Western Disco. Before purchasing from our one-of-one collection, we wanted to pass along some important notes:

  • As these candles are made from sourced vessels, each is completely unique. Burn patterns, longevity, and impacts on the outer surface can vary.

  • For those in Los Angeles, we highly suggest selecting local delivery at checkout.

  • For burning instructions, please check the section below.

Candle Information


Western Disco uses 100% coconut wax.

Our wax is paraben-free, vegan, and non-GMO.

All fragrance oils used are free of chemicals such as phthalates, benzene derivatives, lyral/lilal, and more. (Some brands use these to extend burn time or strength.)


Each candle in our one-of-one program contains a different quantity of wax, listed in the description above.

(A standard household candle is around 7-10oz.)

Burning Instructions

  • Allow pool of wax to reach all edges of vessel on first burn.
  • We do not recommend exceeding four hours on any burn.
  • Before each lighting, please trim wick. We recommend leaving 1/4".
  • If candle produces excessive smoke please extinguish flame, trim wick, and re-light.
  • If your candle has multiple wicks, please make sure all are lit for each burn.

Important Information:

Please keep candle away from any flammable objects, pets, or children.

Always place candle on level, heat-resistant surface.

Never leave your candle unattended.

Shipping Information

Western Disco’s goal is to make these candles available to as many people as possible. The majority of our candles can be shipped anywhere in the country.

Some candles can only be delivered locally in Los Angeles due to size, shape, or material of the vessel.

If a candle catches your eye and is not eligible to be shipped to your area, please reach out. We are happy to discuss options.

Refund Policy

Western Disco does not offer returns or refunds on any products. All sales final.

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